Established in 2011, The Philanthropic Museum is the first online museum to offer the largest virtual collection and database of photographers and video artists from Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

A non-profit organisation, The Philanthropic Museum’s objective is to develop awareness of photography and video art in Southeast Asia and to facilitate exchange between artists from the region and the rest of the world. The Philanthropic Museum provides an indispensable networking platform for artists, curators and professionals working with photography and video arts worldwide. Besides information on the artists and their portfolios, the museum website includes a discussion forum, workshop and residency proposals, calendar of events, temporary exhibitions and a library.

A free space for discovering and sharing, The Philanthropic Museum aims to gather knowledge, experience and thoughts on the emerging contemporary photography and video arts worldwide, with a focus on Southeast Asia. In order to develop these art forms, much effort is still needed in terms of providing training, support and exposure to the artists.

Only a handful of institutions in the world, either public or private, are entirely dedicated to photography and video arts. To foster continued growth, it is important that special attention be given to these art forms in terms of research, collection building, conservation and exhibition. It must be recognised that the demands of these new art forms are different to those of painting, sculpture or multi-media art.

Using the universal language of the image, photography and video arts witness, create and display a vision of Southeast Asia in a time of globalisation. With the establishment of the website and the strong support of the artists and professionals, The Philanthropic Museum’s purpose, perhaps within 8 to 10 years, is to serve as an incubator for the creation and construction of the first museum in Southeast Asia entirely dedicated to the art of the image, photography and video.

The Philanthropic Museum is one of the Official Partners of the Singagore International Photography Festival.


Patricia Levasseur de la Motte earned an MA in Museology and an MRes in Art History (Asian Arts) from the Ecole du Louvre, Paris. She then worked as a Research Assistant at the National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet, Paris. In her former role as Assistant Curator for Photography and New Media at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), she curated and co-curated several exhibitions including Alain Fleischer, Time Exposures, SAM (2008), TRANSPORTASIAN: Visions of Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia, SAM (2009); Rainbow Asia, Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum (2010); and Video, an Art, a History 1965–2010: a Selection from the Centre Pompidou and Singapore Art Museum Collections, SAM (2011). She has contributed to several talks, essays and reviews for exhibition catalogues and international publications. She is presently an Independent Curator, working on The Philanthropic Museum, an on-line museum project dedicated to photography and video arts. She is one of the 3 curators of the 3rd Singapore International Photography Festival (Singapore, 2012)

Patricia Levasseur de la Motte is a Member of the CIMAM (International Committee of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts) – ICOM since 2011.


Charlotte Queck holds a degree in Arts and Business Management from the University of Northumbria (U.K.). She graduated from the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS). She worked as an Assistant Manager, Curatorial department at the Singapore Art Museum. She managed the museum collection including donations, loans and acquisitions. She also managed exhibition projects such as Natee Utarit: After Painting (2011, Singapore Art Museum), It’s Now or Never: New Contemporary Art Acquisitions from Southeast Asia (2010-2011, SAM), Notable Donations Exhibition (2010, SAM). She participated in the organisation of cultural events such as the Singapore Art Festivals and the Asian Art Museum Directors Forum (AAMDF, Singapore).